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The History Of The Triumph Classic Cars with Triumph Super 8 & Super Eights cars models (Triumph Cars Models)

Triumph Classic Carspicture Of Triumph Super 8 Classic Cars

The name was changed in 1933 to the Super 8, the car had always technically fallen into the 8 hp taxation bracket, and all cars gained the Mk II chassis. The body range was further reduced to the two door saloon, pillarless saloon and four seat tourer. This was the last year for the car. Triumph had already launched the Super 9 in 1931 and this car was destined to be the replacement.

Triumph Classic Carspicture Of Triumph Super 8 Classic Cars

In essence the Super Eight was a rebadged Super Seven with the addition of Magna wheels, the option of a 4-speed gearbox and bumpers fitted as standard. They can also be identified from Super Sevens by their wire mesh radiator grille and 'ribbon' style surround with a central vertical chrome strip. We estimate that just under 2,500 Super Eights were produced. We have recorded 41 with 24 surviving of which 14 retain their original style bodywork. 2 body styles were available;

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Nice pics of Triumph Classic family has got one. It belongs to my grandpa..he has lots of memories attached with his car.awesome one!!
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i also want you to sell car in pakistan so that we can also have these awesome car to use.

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